Who benefits from Resale through Consignment?

        Who benefits…hmm…let me start a list…

I’ll start with the consignor who now has a cleaner home and cash in her pocket.

Then there’s the consignment store that earns a commission on the sale.

And of course, the jobs created at the consignment store. Employees, window washers, and bookkeepers – they all get paid.

The local community benefits from the sales taxes collected by the store.

Smart shoppers save $ buying used instead of new – leaving more money for other needs (like another gallon or three of gas).              

The EARTH – because that’s one more recycled toy, shirt, or sofa that’s not in a landfill.

And the children raised by smart, caring, responsible, adults who teach them these values have a huge head start towards successful adulthood. 

In short, EVERYBODY wins with Resale! (Well, maybe not “everybody”. China won’t be getting a cut of these sales and neither will foreign, oil well – owning, types. A whole lotta fuel is saved when another new item isn’t manufactured or shipped over.)

 Gracie and Luke are not only learning skills for their future, but they are enjoying some benefits of RESALE today. I picked up these Little Tikes cars at a thrift store in Athens, Alabama for only $5 each!


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